We have a dedicated team for inspection which performs 100 % inspection to ensure only the best quality components will reach the customers.

Thickness Testing

We use a destructive type thickness testing machine for inspecting the thickness of plating , which can yield an accuracy of 1-2 microns. Workers are well trained to use the instrument. We are also tied up with our chemical supplier “ARTEK CHEMICALS” who have their well equipped laboratory to check and certify the thickness of Electroplating , just in case customers expect a third party certification of plating. ArtekChemicals , is also having a “ SALT SPRAY” booth to check for durability of the plating . The facility can be used if necessary.

Chemical Testing Lab

We have a in house chemical testing laboratory to ensure the quality of baths frequently.

Chemical Stock

Well maintained chemical stock room to ensure FIFO for the chemicals to be used.

Raw Material Storage

To ensure safety of the material received from the customers we have a dedicated storage space . This ensures safety of the material from damage , theft and chemical exposure.

Rajathadri Cares for the nature

We have a 5000 lts over head tank to make sure waste chemical water does not reach the under ground water.Scrubber is installed to ensure toxic chemical fumes does not reach the atmosphere Plating. Floor area is coated with FRP material to ensure chemical waste does not reach the underground water. We are also constantly working with ECO GREEN chemicals to come out with the alternatives for conventional harmful chemicals chemicals.

About Us

Rajathadri Enterprises is formed by a group of high skilled, young workers, having a solid experience of more than 10 years in electroplating and related services.
We at Rajathadri believe, there is always a better Quality than the existing, there by carrying the thirst and hunger for a better quality for ever in order to conquer the champion position in the field of Electroplating.
Coached by Nathan and Nathan consultants and asssessed by IRQS which is one of the top certifying bodies , Rajathadri Enterprises was certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 , Quality management system in the year 2014.

Quality Policy

We at Rajathadri are committed to being the preferred supplier for plating on metal components.
We will ensure Product Quality, timely Delivery and further enhance the results through continual improvement.
We are dedicated to defect-free work adopting established QMS to enhance customer satisfaction.

Why Rajathadri Enterprises?

No laborer problems, since the partners of the company would be the core laborer.
No problems of theft or goods missing since no external laborers are involved.
High quality is rest assured, because of high skilled and experienced workers.
Laborers exposed to working for reputed companies like Rapsri Engineering, Lakshmi Metal works( suppliers for GE, Carbone Lorraine etc), Srinivasa Industries , Lakshmi Vaccum , KDDL Eigen Unit etc there by used to high standard expectations.
Experienced in various electroplating processes like Zinc ( yellow Hexavalent blue , trivalent blue , green) Tin plating , Silver plating , Blackening, phosphating etc. There by liberty of getting various services under one roof.

Inspection Table

Chemcal Testing

Chemical Stock

Raw Material Storage

We Care For Nature

Thickness Testing

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